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Excellence Flow Technology Co., Ltd. was establish on April 24,2013 caused of the new generation of engineers and leaders team who gathered. The experience and knowledge of the professional development to become a professional in the field of Chemical, Mechanical, Instrumentation & Control System in business of Upstream to Downstream both of offshore & onshore for Oil & Gas, Power Plant, Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemicals and General Industries included Engineering design, Consultant, Project Management & Maintenance services. Efforts to improve and develop services. To reduce the complexity and cost of the process.

Excellence Flow Technology Co., Ltd. is a company serving the engineering, equipment supply to the End-user and Contractor by importing materials. Such as equipment from the manufacturer, Maker and OEM and the main distributor or Representative both from local and oversea source. Derives from the vision of entrepreneurs who recognize the needs of the consumer market. Which is ready to compete in the same market. To increase alternative choices for consumers have the opportunity to recruit partners (Vendor or Supplier) and the product quality included with before and after sales services. Based on engineering technology & Marketing principles. The most important an experience that do access channel seen by customers who are already connected. The goods and services with knowledge, familiarity, or even contact with the manufacturer. Major distributors and agents. Discernible growth conditions and competition in the market for this group.

The experience received, we will adopt business development in order to meet customers' needs most effectively with return to society in the form of energy conservation and environmental concerning to partner.

The first of flow equipments & intelligent solution company driven by technology and green energy conservation.

1. Development of a knowledge management and educational technology, as well as ethics for response to customer service sustainability. The company need to grown up in the office system function within 2 years.
2. Develop the company is the representative leader to Materials supply & Engineering Service within 5 years. In addition satisfaction to the customers and make more strong relationship, service mind and after sales service via moral principle.
3. Instilling popularity and corporate customers that can bring customers and organizations with a competitive advantage in a more sustainable manner. Conduct business with customers, social and environmental responsibility.
4. Lead to ISO 9001, ISO17025, BS OHSAS 18001 Standard within 7 years.


L : Leader We are the leader company of FLOW EQUIPMENTS WITH INTELLIGENT SOLUTION.
E : Employee Our Employee must be happy to work and a better life.
A : Ability Our staff will have the ability to help the customer as well.
D : Development The development knowledge technology, companies & the products continued.
E : Environment We are concern to the social and environmental responsibility.
R : Responsibility We have fast & cogent responsibility to your requirement.

General datA
Company Name Excellence Flow Technology Co.,Ltd.
Commercial Registration 0105556067839
Date of the operation April 24, 2013
Registered Capital 1,000.000.00 Baht
Office Location 994/27 Grandity Suwannabhumi 1, LuangPheang Rd.
Thap Yao, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520
Telephone +66 (0) 2364-7729
Fax +66 (0) 2364-7729
Website www.excellenceflow.com
Email address sales@excellenceflow.com

Organization Structure